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E-RAD with PRO-TIGHT™ process control software
RAD Torque Systems B.V. is proud to announce its cooperation with De Jaeger Automation, the software developing company for bolting process control.
As a result, RAD’s MB-RAD and B-RAD-S range is now able to connect to the PRO-TIGHT™ process control software ensuring full bolting process control when working with the MB-RAD and B-RAD-S.


Open protocol
The MB-RAD and B-RAD-S series is able to connect with PRO-TIGHT™ by means of enabling the open protocol option in the tool menu. With this option enabled, the MB-RAD and B-RAD-S can exchange data with the PRO-TIGHT™ program. The PRO-TIGHT™ software runs on a laptop or Windows equipped tablet (connects through Wi-Fi or LAN). After successful connection of the system, a bolting job can be configured by setting torque/angle pre-sets in the MB-RAD and B-RAD-S. In the PRO-TIGHT™ program, it is possible to configure the bolting sequence as well as the barcode and to specify the operator. For “live” viewing and data logging, a connection to the customers’ network can be configured.


Error free operation
The PRO-TIGHT™ system ensures that the operator will be precisely instructed how to use the MB-RAD and B-RAD-S so that all bolts are tightened according to procedure and each job can be logged live in the customers’ ERP system for 100% traceability. PRO-TIGHT™ actively controls the MB-RAD and B-RAD-S based on the scanned barcode, and subsequently engages the correct torque preset in the MB-RAD and B-RAD-S. It then visually indicates the required actions and bolting sequence on screen and counts whether all bolts have been tightened.

During the bolting process, the operator is visually and audibly updated on the status of the job in progress. If bolts have been skipped or have been tightened twice, PRO-TIGHT™ detects this and forces the operator to take action. If an error alarm is ignored by the operator, the job will not be completed correctly and the printed sticker will indicate an incomplete job. If later this sticker is scanned again, the system will indicate which bolt still has to be tightened before it will print the OK sticker. In this way the system is still flexible and all results are directly visible with the sticker on the final product. Without scanning a correct job, the MB-RAD and B-RAD-S remain disabled by the program so that mistakes are prevented.

The end result is that there is 100% certainty that the job has been done correctly, and with the clear visual instruction, a non-trained operator can learn the job very quickly.


Components of the system
The functional PRO-TIGHT™ system consists of the following components:

  • MB-RAD / B-RAD-S – all torque models, with the latest software update
  • PRO-TIGHT™ software (Pro-tight basic, Pro-Guidance, Pro-Connect)
  • Barcode scanner, label printer, USB Hub, Stack light and Bluetooth receiver (can be delivered in a case).