Remote Pendant Controls

For applications where it is required that the operator is distanced from the torque operation, or enable automated bolt tightening, RAD offers the option of Remote Pendant control for various models.


Commonly used for high pressure valve testing, the Remote Pendant Controls allows forward and reverse operation from up to 10 meters distance. This allows the valves to be operated safely.

Part number: 10180


Suitable for operating the electric MV-RAD series tools. A good application example for a pendant controlled MV-RAD is tightening critical bolts in the so called “hot zone” of a nuclear power plant.

Part number: 240837


The E-RAD series has a special Remote Pendant Controls to operate the E-RAD remotely by means of a remote control with a 10 meter cable. The remote control connection on the E-RAD control box is usually used to connect the E-RAD to a robot for automated bolt tightening systems.

Part number: 26836

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