Torque wrenches are essential in the wind energy industry. These torque wrenches can easily tighten bolts and nuts to the right torque ensures an increase in efficiency and quality.

Our torque wrenches have been used in the wind industry for years to tighten bolts and nuts to the right torque and to prevent breakage. Accuracy, speed and ergonomics are experienced daily by our customers in the most diverse torque wrench applications within this industry.

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Flange connection

Whether it is hot or cold, you can always rely on our tools to accurately torque the bolts in tower flanges. The specified tightening torque must be achieved, but not exceeded. We are happy to advise you which type offers you the most time savings compared to traditional methods.


Torquing bolts in slewing bearings

Tighten more than 100 bolts in the shortest possible time, including clear reporting in PDF format? The solution for a slewing ring bearing!

Hub Assemblage

Hub assembly

The hub is the important link between the huge blades and the nacelle. The critical bolt connections in the hub can be secured with the E-RAD using the torque and angle method.


A project engineer on the Gemini offshore wind farm project explains:

“The E-RAD BLU from the RAD Torque brand came out best in the test for preloading the bolts. The electric drive ensures continuous rotation of the bolt, while a hydraulic wrench rotates the bolt approximately 24 degrees per cycle. That saves a lot of valuable time at sea. In addition, Radial offers a number of accessories that make work ergonomically easier”.

Torque wrenches


The E-RAD is the most acclaimed electric torque wrench worldwide by wind turbine installation companies. Due to its robust design, forced cooling and high speed, this all-rounder is perfect for installing most wind turbine components. This electric torque wrench is faster than conventional hydraulic wrenches and is capable of tightening large quantities of bolted connections without overheating. The significant time savings result in a significant reduction in crane costs during a project.



Equipped with the latest techniques in the field of cordless tools, this series offers the freedom of cordless work without restrictions. Whether you choose the B-RAD SELECT, MB-RAD or B-RAD-S, with two batteries and a charger there is always enough energy for your work.


MV-RAD electric torque wrenches are built for the installation or removal of heavy duty fasteners. From a simple job to checking already tightened bolts, the MV-RAD is an all-rounder.

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Torque Tool Flange Roller

Torque Tool Flange Roller

Torquing a whole flange connection is a tough job. The Torque Tool Flange Roller holds the weight of the E-RAD and moves it up and down with a spindle. Industrial quality wheels also make horizontal movement easy.



Safety is very important when working with torque wrenches. In this context, a number of ergonomic products have been developed that promote safety.

Smart Sockets

Smart Sockets™

The RAD Smart Socket™ Series, patented impact sockets from 27 mm – 110 mm that are able to measure the actual torque applied to the bolted joint with a maximum deviation of 1%. By innovative design, the Smart Socket™ is no larger than a standard socket.


Reaction Arms

If the standard reaction arm does not fit the application, Radial Torque Tools can quickly deliver a custom reaction arm that fully meets the safety standards.

Tool Selector

If a bolt is not tightened to an exactly determined torque, fractures can occur because the material cannot withstand the force of the wrench. The RAD wrench guide helps you find the right torque wrench for your application based on three simple steps.


Would you like to know more about torque wrenches in the wind industry? Or do you need tailor-made advice? Please contact Radial Torque Tools B.V. We are happy to help you!