Radial has various equipment in its range for accurate measurement of torque:

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Smart Sockets™

Torque range: 200 – 16.200 Nm

Calibration Benches™

Torque range: 100 – 9.500 Nm

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30 – 15.000 Nm

RAD battery torque wrench is unparalleled due to its high capacity and very high torque range and ease of operation. In addition, all cordless torque wrenches can be used without cumbersome hoses or cables.


60 – 16.500 Nm

RAD electric torque wrenches are lightweight and compact torque wrenches suitable for heavy industrial use.


30 – 15.000 Nm

RAD pneumatic torque wrenches are indestructible powerhouses. As well as being extremely fast and compact.


100 – 16.200 Nm

Radial has various measuring tools for accurate measurement of tightening torques according to the ISO 17025 standard.