RAD battery powered torque wrenches, B-RAD SELECT, MB-RAD, B-RAD-S, B-RAD X Series

At Radial Torque we offer different types of torque wrenches. Like several battery torque wrenches. RAD cordless torque wrenches are unmatched for their very high torque range and ease of operation. In addition, the parallel connection ensures high capacity and excellent battery life.

RAD has a wide range of battery-operated torque wrenches with high torque. These are available in 7 series: the basic series B-RAD SELECT, the B-RAD OFFSET, the advanced B-RAD X and MB-RAD, the transducer controlled B-RAD-S, the extended B-RAD EXT-R, and the SDM series.

Why a battery torque wrench?

By using a battery-powered torque wrench, you can work without cables. This is especially an advantage when working in tight spaces.

Moreover, a battery lasts a long time. By connecting the plus pole and the minus pole of the battery in parallel, the torque wrench has a higher capacity to be able to work quickly and efficiently.

See our full range of battery-operated torque wrenches below


Torque range: 50 – 7,000 Nm

B-RAD X series

Torque range: 700 – 15.000 Nm

MB-RAD series

Torque range: 30 – 7.000 Nm

B-RAD-S series

Torque range: 70 – 7,000 Nm


Torque range: 50 – 7,000 Nm

B-RAD EXT-R series

Torque range: 170 – 1.400 Nm


Process control software

Which new battery torque wrench is right for you?

At RAD we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right battery torque wrench. After all, there is a wide range available. Which torque wrench is the best solution depends on the application. Consider, for example, the force required in Nm, the desired accuracy, and the space available to set the bolts to the correct torque.

Do you still have questions about this? Then feel free to contact the experts at Radial Torque. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with countless applications of torque wrenches. We are happy to advise you on a suitable torque tool.

In addition to battery torque wrenches, various other RAD torque wrenches are also available. View the other options here.

Choose a RAD Torque Wrench


30 – 15.000 Nm

RAD battery-operated torque wrenches in the B-RAD series are unsurpassed thanks to their high torque capacity and lack of cables and hoses.


60 – 16.500 Nm

RAD electric torque wrenches are lightweight and compact torque wrenches suitable for heavy industrial use.


30 – 15.000 Nm

RAD pneumatic torque wrenches are indestructible powerhouses. As well as being extremely fast and compact.


200 – 24.400 Nm

RAD offers various transducer based torque wrenches for accurate torque measurement complying to the ISO 17025 standard.