Choose a RAD Torque Wrench


30 – 15.000 Nm

RAD battery-operated torque wrenches in the B-RAD series are unsurpassed thanks to their high torque capacity and lack of cables and hoses.


60 – 16.500 Nm

RAD electric torque wrenches are lightweight and compact torque wrenches suitable for heavy industrial use.


30 – 15.000 Nm

RAD pneumatic torque wrenches are indestructible powerhouses. As well as being extremely fast and compact.


200 – 24.400 Nm

RAD offers various transducer based torque wrenches for accurate torque measurement complying to the ISO 17025 standard.

Tool Selector

The RAD Tool Selector helps you to find the right torque wrench based on 3 simple steps.

Service & Kalibratie

Service & Calibration

Radial has a certified service, maintenance and calibration department. In addition, Radial offers torque wrench calibrations from 0.5 Nm to 16,200 Nm.



Radial has a large stock of accessories available. Reaction arms, power sockets, offset ring spanners and other accessories are available from stock.



Radial has an extensive range of battery, electric and pneumatic torque wrenches available for rental to customers in the Benelux.