Frequently Asked Questions

Normally gear reduction torque wrenches are calibrated annually or every 10.000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Radial Torque Tools calibrates torque wrenches at the site in Soest. This will take 2-5 business days, but you can wait for it if necessary.

Radial Torque Tools repairs and calibrates torque wrenches at the site in Soest. It takes on average 1 to two weeks until you have your key back, provided all necessary parts are in stock.

Radial Torque Tools in Soest takes care of the distribution for all RAD distributors in Europe and has a large amount of torque wrenches and parts in stock.

This is the precise tightening of a bolted connection to a pre-specified force or torque.

No, an impact wrench is essentially different; Impact wrenches cannot be set precisely and cannot be repeated with a precise torque. Which is possible with a power multiplier.

This is a torque wrench that enables the operator to apply a low force which is increased by a gear reduction planetary gear system into a high force.

No, RAD does not make hydraulic wrenches, only gear reduction torque wrenches.

Yes you can loosen bolts with a RAD torque wrench. Make sure you have 50% or more extra capacity than what was required to tighten the bolt.

As standard, 2 batteries and a charger are supplied with a RAD battery torque wrench.

This depends on several factors: the type and capacity of the battery, the ambient temperature and the required tightening torque. In general you can work continuously with 1 battery on the charger and the other battery on the key.

RAD has more than 25 years of experience and dedication in the design and manufacturing of gear reduction torque wrenches and has become the world-wide market leader in this technology.

RAD Torque wrenches are made in Canada by New World Technologies. Not only the assembly is done here but also all gear cutting and other parts are machined in Abbottsford, BC, Canada.

Yes you can. Please visit our rental webpage on

RAD wrenches make little noise, and are many times quieter than an impact wrench. RAD’s electric torque wrenches in particular are very quiet at only 65 dB. While working with a RAD wrench, people can understand each other without raising their voices and no hearing protection is required, which is unthinkable with impact wrenches.

Yes, RAD gear reduction torque wrenches prevent HAVS injuries as they cause 88 times less vibration `than equivalent impact tools. Where a maximum allowed working time applies when working with an impact wrench, you can continue working with a RAD wrench.

RAD wrenches are not impact wrenches and are virtually vibration free. Vibrations are of such a low level that they are barely noticeable to the operator.