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RAD battery operated torque wrenches in the B-RAD Series

RAD battery-operated torque wrenches of the B-RAD series are unsurpassed thanks to their high torque capacity and lack of cables and hoses. RAD has a wide model range in high torque battery multipliers, available in the B-RAD SELECT or the advanced MB-RAD version.

  • The B-RAD SELECT is the basic model, very simple to operate, with just two buttons to operate the 7-segment illuminated display and cover a torque range from 50Nm to as high as 7.000 Nm.
  • The MB-RAD is the advanced model, equipped as standard with data logging via Bluetooth. The MB series cover a torque range of 30 Nm till 7.000 Nm and it features advanced functions such as torque + angle control. The functions can be set via the menu on the display at the back of the tool.

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