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Torque wrenches from RAD Torque Systems

RAD Torque Systems is the world’s largest producer of battery-operated torque wrenches, pneumatic torque wrenches, and electric torque wrenches.

RAD torque wrenches are developed and produced in Canada and are designed for professional use in industries including oil & gas, wind, steelmaking, mining, aviation, engine overhaul, and vehicle manufacturing.


A range of torque wrenches with a torque range from 35 to 16.500 Nm

The B-RAD SELECT battery operated torque wrench is available in various capacities, ranging from 50 Nm to no less than 7,000 Nm, which is unique for a battery-operated torque wrench. The B-RAD select is popular thanks to its ease of operation and the convenience of cordless operation.


Pneumatic torque wrenches in the GX and DX series are the most robust available and represent RAD’s ‘coming of age’. Torque range from 35 Nm to 15.000 Nm.

The MV-RAD series electric torque wrench has an angle function as standard, as well as range from 65 Nm to 11.000 Nm.

The electronic E-RAD is the flagship model, the king of torque wrenches. This electronic torque wrench comes with data storage, double forced cooling, angle function, and fine accuracy as standard. The torque range in the series is from 135 Nm to 16.500 Nm.


Interested in buying a professional torque wrench? Here are some things to look out for

If your business is considering buying a new torque wrench, or several, it’s very important to recognize the differences between the different types available. The most familiar is the manual torque wrench, commonly used by professionals such as tyre specialists, who will start by tightening the wheel bolts with an impact wrench, and then finish them with a manual torque wrench. The hydraulic torque wrench is also very common, where you have a pump which powers a cassette or impact socket. The benefit of this type is the power that is available, but the drawback is the slow speed at which they work and the difficulty in operating them.

RAD torque wrenches are always based on a torque multiplier, which is driven by a motor (battery, electrical, or pneumatic). The benefits are compact dimensions, ease of operation, lower price tag, and much higher speed when compared to hydraulic torque wrenches. In addition, the torque (in Nm) can, on most models, be adjusted directly.


A specialist in torque wrenches for more than 25 years

Since its establishment more than 25 years ago, RAD has specialized entirely in the design and continuous development of torque multipliers, resulting in the optimal combination of compact dimensions and reliability available. It’s understandable then why all major industrial hiring firms in the Netherlands have switched over to RAD wrenches.
The majority of RAD torque wrench types are available for hire. For hiring options, please contact sales@radtorque.nl or call +31(0) 355882450.


RAD Solutions

Our ongoing investment in Research & Development ensures a continuous flow of innovations in the bolting industry such as the famous E-RAD, our Battery tools and the patented Smart Socket™ technology. We believe that innovation drives performance.

Our flexible and solutions oriented engineering department can develop custom tailored solutions based on our 20 year experience in the industry. Our close cooperation with our customers has led to number of great innovations.

Some examples of innovative thinking; RAD engineered an integrated offset gearbox in the E-RAD series to enable tightening bolts in hard to reach places. Or the 90° pistol grip specifically designed for horizontal flange bolting which greatly improves tool ergonomics and handling.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need a tailored torque solution.


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