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RAD electronic torque wrenches in the E-RAD Series

RAD electronic torque wrenches in the E-RAD BLU Series are among the most accurate and most powerful electronic torque wrenches in the market. The E-RAD BLU Series cover a torque range from 135 Nm till 15.000 Nm.

  • The E-RAD BLU has advanced functions such as angle control, data storage and transfer via Bluetooth, open protocol communication (with Pro-Tight). With its heavy duty cooling system continuous work is problem free.
  • The special E-RAD BLU-S Series is equipped with a closed-loop torque transducer which constantly measures and adjusts the applied torque to the bolt during the tightening process ensuring maximum traceability and precision. Both E-RAD BLU models are built according to industrial/military standards and can work at high speed in arduous circumstances whilst tightening high volumes of bolts.

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