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November 2021


The well-known E-RAD BLU electric torque wrenches can now be upgraded with the wireless E-RAD LIVE module. This transforms the E-RAD into a full bolting guidance system and real-time online datalogger. As the E-RAD LIVE module is integrated inside the standard E-RAD BLU control box, there are no extra cables or other equipment necessary. Clutter…

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May 2021


The B-RAD-S battery torque wrench is equipped with the latest strain gauge torque transducer technology which constantly measures and adjusts the torque output (closed loop), making these tools insensitive to changing bolt conditions such as friction, temperature and joint hardness. > More information about the B-RAD-S

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May 2020


The MB-RAD Series torque wrenches are a professional range of torque wrenches for the more demanding user. Now with data logging via Bluetooth and advanced bolting options such as a smart bolt counter, torque check and the possibility to set torque + angle limits. > More information about the MB-RAD

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B-RAD Offset News Banner
February 2020


The new battery powered B-RAD OFFSET fits on bolts where standard torque wrenches cannot be used. These torque wrenches are based on the standard B-RAD SELECT series and have the same features that makes these tools so popular and user-friendly. There is one major difference… 105 mm height reduction! The gearbox is placed in an…

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