Truck service

BreakTorq serie

Heavy trucks maintenance companies prefer these Smart Break Series digital torque wrenches. This “Industrial” smart digital torque wrench is appreciated for its robustness and ease of use. The principle of a “kink” wrench works much better for large tightening torques such as needed for a truck wheel. The BreakTorq key minimizes the risk of “overtorque” by the user as the buckling mechanism absorbs the excess energy.

This smart torque wrench retains the qualities of the mechanical Break Series, but has the following improvements over the original:

  • Clear and bright OLED screen with moment status indicator bar, buzzer when moment is reached.
  • Easy to set up via display or via the supplied PCFE software.
  • Higher accuracy, maximum allowable deviation ±1% of the actual value.
  • Registration of the applied moment.
  • Full traceability of moments
  • Various language settings possible, including: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Furthermore, a registration per vehicle is possible by means of: the included Wheel-Torque software. This allows you to see and demonstrate when, how and by whom the wheels were mounted, and what the tightening torques were on the wheel bolts. No more confusion about when the wheels are mounted and whether the wheel bolts have been tightened according to the correct procedure. An important point related to safety and liability.