Bicycle maintenance

On modern bicycles, you will see that the maximum tightening torque is indicated by the manufacturer. Places on the bicycle, where you can find such torque indications are, the stem, seat post, chainset, etc.

Furthermore, the trend is that bicycles with the advent of electric bicycles and bicycles made of more exotic materials are becoming increasingly expensive, especially when a bicycle is made from a more exotic material such as Carbon, Titanium, it is almost impossible to replace screw thread that has been turned out. In addition, the available space is also getting smaller.

A good example of this is the Allen screw with which the seat post is secured. The space between the bolt and the side of the seat post is so small that with most torque wrenches there is not enough space. With the compact EcoTorq-Series Mini, this problem is a thing of the past.

TrackWrench® digital torque wrenches have no movable mechanical parts. Settings can be changed quickly and easily; An acoustic and LED signal alerts the bicycle technician when the set torque has been reached. The robust bi-directional fixed ratchet head is protected against dirt and moisture with a seal.

The TrackWrench® EcoTorq-Series Mini digital torque wrench comes standard with a fixed ratchet head and memory for 250 measurements. The stores data can be edited and stored on the PC.

EcoTorq Series Mini: Maximum deviation +/- 2% clockwise, +/- 3% counterclockwise.