During the assembly of high-quality products, more and more requirements for tightening torques that have to be met.

Switchbox assembly relay contacts

When assembling the switchbox it’s necessary to torque the bolts of the relay fingers with a torque of 3 Nm.

EcoTorq Series digital torque screwdriver.

Hydraulic units

Working with hydraulics presents some unique challenges. In addition to limited space to work in, it is often necessary to use open-ring end torque wrench heads.

In addition, it is undesirable that oil spills occur, not only for the environment, but the high pressure also presents a safety risk. Partly due to the use of open ring end torque wrench head, TrackWrench® recommends to use a torque wrench that is equipped with an ISO interchangeable head.

Example of our digital torque wrenches equipped with an ISO interchangeable head:

  • EcoTorq-Series: choice of Standard and Angle and ISO interchangeable ratchet head option.
  • BlueTorq-Series: digital torque wrench (optional with Bluetooth, Vibrating handle & warning side LEDs) choice of Pro, Super and Auditor. (BlueTorq Series are standard equipped with interchangeable ISO ratchet head).
The applicable torque is usually prescribed by the supplier of the couplings and hoses.