More and more car parts have to be tightened with a torque wrench at a tightening torque as prescribed by the car manufacturer.
At the same time, the spaces in cars that are tinkered with are becoming increasingly tight.
TrackWrench® has a number of standard torque wrench solutions for these situations.

  • EcoTorq Mini-Series: the most compact digital torque wrenches of its kind.
  • EcoTorq Standard-Series: digital torque wrench.
  • EcoTorq Angle-Series: digital torque wrench with angle rotation.

BlueTorq Series in combination with the supplied Wheel-Torque software special application for tire service.

TrackWrench® digital torque wrenches have no movable mechanical parts. The tightening torque is measured electronically via strain gauges, which is much more accurate and not subject to wear. They therefore do not need to be “relaxed” after use.
Settings can be changed quickly and easily on the TrackWrench® digital keys; an acoustic and LED signal warns the car technician when the set tightening torque has been reached.

The robust bi-directional high strength ratchet mechanism is protected against dirt and moisture with seals.

The TrackWrench® EcoTorq Series digital torque wrench is available as standard with a fixed ratchet head, but optionally also available with a flex (articulated ratchet head) ISO ratchet head. EcoTorq Mini Series excluded, this is only available with fixed ratchet head.

The fifteen-degree articulated ratchet head can tighten bolted connections around obstacles.

The accuracy depends on the type of torque wrench:

  • Mini-Series accuracy ±2 percent clockwise and ±3 percent counterclockwise from 10 percent of maximum value.
  • Standard-Series accuracy ±1 percent clockwise and ±2 percent counterclockwise from 10 percent of maximum value.
  • The Angle-Series is similar to the Standard-series, but is equipped with an electronic gyroscope for an accurate angle measurement.

The torque wrenches have a memory as standard, so that the usage data can be saved and edited on the PC.