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Serie a batteria B-RAD-S

Torque range: 70 – 7.000 Nm

The B-RAD-S battery torque wrench is equipped with the latest strain gauge torque transducer technology which constantly measures and adjusts the torque output (closed loop), making these tools insensitive to changing bolt conditions such as friction, temperature and joint hardness. With the built-in torque transducer, a very high accuracy can be achieved and it guarantees that the displayed torque is the actual torque applied to the bolt (according to the VDI/VDE 2862-2 standards).


Unlike competitor’s wrenches that measure the gearbox input torque, the B-RAD-S measures the torque applied on the output side. Any misreading as a result of gearbox wear or damage will have no effect on the applied torque and the torque displayed on screen is always the applied torque to the bolt.

The number of cycles per battery is depending on stud length, lubrication, temperature and torque setting.

The B-RAD-S also features:

  • Brushless motor technology
  • Strain gauge torque
  • Torque + angle limits
  • Data logging
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Torque check function
  • Bolt counter
  • Torque control in anticlockwise rotation
  • Multi-user level password protection
  • Automatic reaction arm release
  • Selectable menu languages
  • Intelligent counter for life cycle and maintenance
  • Controlled bolting – repeatability of +/- 2%
  • Extremely low noise level – only 80 dB
  • Lithium-ion 18V / 5.2 Ah battery technology
  • Optional:

All B-RAD-S tools include:

  • Reaction arm and retaining ring
  • 2 Lithium-ion 18V/5.2 Ah batteries with charger (For the B-RAD 4000-S & 7000-S: 1x 5.2 Ah and 1x 8.0 Ah)
  • Weatherproof storage case
  • Documentation software on USB stick
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate


Product range
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antrieb", "lang-it": "Azionamento quadrato", "lang-es": "Accionamiento cuadrado", "lang-fr": "Entraînement à section carrée", "lang-da": "Firkantet drev", "lang-tr": "Kare tahrik ucu"}
{"lang-en": "Torque range", "lang-nl": "Momentbereik", "lang-de": "Drehmoment-
bereich", "lang-it": "Range di coppia", "lang-es": "Rango de par", "lang-fr": "Plage de couple", "lang-da": "Momentområde", "lang-tr": "Tork araligi"}
{"lang-en": "RPM", "lang-nl": "TPM", "lang-de": "Drehzahl", "lang-it": "GIRI/MIN", "lang-es": "RPM", "lang-fr": "t/min", "lang-da": "O/M", "lang-tr": "Devir/Dak"}{"lang-en": "Weight", "lang-nl": "Gewicht", "lang-de": "Gewicht", "lang-it": "Peso", "lang-es": "Peso", "lang-fr": "Poids", "lang-da": "Agirlik", "lang-tr": "Agirlik"}{"lang-en": "Dim. A", "lang-nl": "Afm. A", "lang-de": "Maße A", "lang-it": "Dim. A", "lang-es": "Dim. A", "lang-fr": "Dim. A", "lang-da": "Dim. A", "lang-tr": "Boyut A"}{"lang-en": "Dim. B", "lang-nl": "Afm. B", "lang-de": "Maße B", "lang-it": "Dim. B", "lang-es": "Dim. B", "lang-fr": "Dim. B", "lang-da": "Dim. B", "lang-tr": "Boyut B"}{"lang-en": "Dim. C", "lang-nl": "Afm. C", "lang-de": "Maße C", "lang-it": "Dim. C", "lang-es": "Dim. C", "lang-fr": "Dim. C", "lang-da": "Dim. C", "lang-tr": "Boyut C"}{"lang-en": "Dim. D", "lang-nl": "Afm. D", "lang-de": "Maße D", "lang-it": "Dim. D", "lang-es": "Dim. D", "lang-fr": "Dim. D", "lang-da": "Dim. D", "lang-tr": "Boyut D"}
🠋 31801B-RAD 700-S¾"70 - 700 Nm215,3 Kg315 mm69 mm69 mm262 mm
🠋 31803B-RAD 1400-S¾"140 - 1.400 Nm105,3 Kg315 mm69 mm69 mm262 mm
🠋 31805B-RAD 2000-S1"200 - 2.000 Nm65,8 Kg321 mm74 mm74 mm262 mm
🠋 31807B-RAD 4000-S1"400 - 4.000 Nm37,8 Kg337 mm86 mm86 mm266 mm
🠋 31809B-RAD 7000-S1,5"700 - 7.000 Nm210,6 Kg362 mm100 mm100 mm272 mm


Optional 8.0 Ah LiHD high-performance battery pack

The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely newly developed electronic components in the pack ensure that maximum power remains available for a longer time. So you can now tighten even more bolts compared to the already impressive performing 5.2 Ah batteries.

Unfortunately, because of the increased power output, it is not possible to airfreight the 8.0 Ah battery due to IATA restrictions. These restrictions do not apply to sea and overland transport. Therefore RAD’s battery powered torque wrenches will not be equipped as standard with the LiHD 8.0 Ah battery pack but with the current 5.2 Ah battery pack.

Part number 8.0 Ah LiHD battery pack: 200473

Optional: Double Safety Button

Part number: 25949

All B-RAD SELECT torque wrenches can optionally be equipped with a “Double safety button”. This optional safety system consists of an extra button on the topside of the tool which need to be pressed simultaneously with the trigger in order to start operation of the tool.

This system dramatically reduces the pinching risk with the reaction arm as it forces the operator to have two hands on the tool handle at all time.