Déclaration de confidentialité

The Privacy Statement applies to everyone who visits the website www.radialtorque.eu.

1. Management

The website at www.radtorque.eu is under the management of Radial Torque Tools B.V. The contact details are available on this website.

2. Data of visitors

2a. Some data that arise from one or more visits to www.radialtorque.eu are stored permanently by Website-Leads. The Website-Leads are based on a database of links between a Dutch IP address and a Dutch company in the database of DATA-Collectief.
Website-Leads makes use of a tracking script on our website (similar to Google Analytics). A personal Lead may also be delivered with Website-Leads; this is a Lead where the visiting person is known.

2b. Radial Torque Tools B.V. provides for good security of the stored data.

3. Cookies

3a. RAD Torque Systems B.V. makes use of cookies to optimise the functionality of the website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the visitor’s computer by a page of the website. A cookie contains information with certain preferences of the visitor. Radial Torque Tools B.V. is then able to be of even better service to the visitor on a subsequent visit, for instance by remembering the preferred language. The visitor will not need to select the preferred language again on each visit. This makes the site far more user-friendly.

3b. Visitors can determine for themselves how cookies should be treated. The browser can be set to permit, refuse or partially permit the use of functional cookies. In the latter case, the websites that may place functional cookies can be set. Cookies from all other websites will then be blocked. Most of the frequently-used modern browsers offer this possibility.

3c. Cookies can always be removed from a computer via the browser.

3d. Radial Torque Tools B.V. makes use of Google Analytics, which processes the anonymised surfing behaviour not of individuals but of large numbers of visitors into graphs and patterns that help us improve and optimise our websites..

4. Questions

Visitors can contact Radial Torque Tools B.V. with questions regarding this Privacy Statement. The contact details are shown on the website at www.radialtorque.eu.

5. Disclaimer

Radial Torque Tools B.V. has the right to change the content of the Privacy Statement without notifying visitors of this. The implementation of the change on the website suffices for this. The implementation of the change on the website suffices for this.