The global tower crane manufacturer LIEBHERR has approved the battery-operated torque wrenches of the MB-RAD series for tower crane assembly. This opens up new technical possibilities for the assembly companies to quickly and safely assemble the bolted connections.

After extensive machine capability analysis and EMC tests of the torque wrenches in the torque range of 140-7.000 Nm, the LIEBHERR standard “Technical Information” now also includes the Battery MBRAD Series torque wrenches. The use of non-approved torque wrenches for towercrane assembly is not permitted.


LIEBHERR certified


Secure bolted connections on tower cranes
The MB-RAD has a torque repeatability of 3 % and can be used reliably at ambient temperatures down to -20 °C without warming up. Thanks to the brushless electric motor, torque/angle controlled shut-off and limit value monitoring, the MB-RAD works extremely precisely and is a lot faster than any hydraulic torque wrench.

The MB-RAD Series torque wrenches can optionally be equipped with data logging or a torque check function for maintenance work.


MB-RAD Features:


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🠋 200922MB-RAD 140016HC175 (120HC)¾"140 - 1.400 Nm103,7 Kg266 mm63 mm68 mm258 mm
🠋 200926MB-RAD 400016HC175 (120HC)1"400 - 4.000 Nm36,0 Kg301 mm81 mm81 mm268 mm
🠋 200928MB-RAD 700016HC175 (120HC)

17HC200 (170HC)

21HC290 (256HC)
1,5"700 - 7.000 Nm28,7 Kg322 mm95 mm95 mm277 mm


All MB-RAD LIEBHERR tools include:


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