E-RAD LIVE – industry 4.0 bolting

The well-known E-RAD BLU electric torque wrenches can now be upgraded with the wireless E-RAD LIVE module. This transforms the E-RAD into a full bolting guidance system and real-time online datalogger. As the LIVE module is integrated inside the standard E-RAD BLU control box, there are no extra cables or other equipment necessary. Clutter free and very robust, therefore the perfect solution for jobsites. All you need is a phone or a tablet to start!

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Safe & Reliable

According to European standards

Lithium-ion battery

Bluetooth connectivity

Software data exchange

Torque + angle function

Error-free bolting

Most mistakes in bolting are not caused by the equipment used, but by the operator.

With the E-RAD LIVE system the complete bolting job can be pre-programmed for the operator and by selecting the saved job with a phone or tablet, the bolting job is now uploaded to the E-RAD BLU and the operator is ready to start. The entire bolting process will run via the tablet, it guides the operator through the process step by step.


For the operator it will be impossible to skip bolts, re-hit bolts or change torque or angle settings. The software monitors the bolting process by counting the bolts, monitoring torque and angle limits and the rundown time. Bad bolts are identified, as well as re-hits of an already tightened bolt. The E-RAD LIVE design has been geared towards wind tower installation but can also be used for other applications because of the versatile interface set up.

Industry 4.0

Error free bolting is step one; step two is the easy reporting and analysis of the job data. This is where the E-RAD LIVE program shines as well. Each bolt is logged with a time/date stamp and has its own graphs of angle vs time, torque vs time and torque vs angle. Of course, the name of the operator, the location, the time, and on which tower section and flange has been worked on is all registered and easily retrievable. After the job you simply upload your data to the cloud or local server.

Open protocol

All tool settings, commands and data are exchanged via the open protocol interface on the E-RAD. The system has various redundancies in order to avoid data getting erased when communications are lost. Even when the tablet is disconnected, the tool stores the data and uploads all missing data when reconnected.


The E-RAD LIVE module can easily be retrofitted on every existing E-RAD BLU control box After the installation, the E-RAD control box can be connected via its own WIFI network. Just connect your phone or tablet and you’ll be automatically guided to its webpage. No need to download or install any program, it works automatically via the webpage.

Peace of mind

With the addition of the E-RAD live module you are assured that all bolts have been tightened according to specification and according to the proper work procedures. The log contains all actions in a logical and legible format. The perfect proof that the job has been done right.

The E-RAD LIVE system consist of the following items:

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