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E-RAD saves precious time at the Gemini Offshore Windpark

The Gemini Offshore Windpark is being built some 85 km from shore in the Dutch part of the North Sea. With its 150 turbines it will provide green electricity to 1,5 million households once it is connected to the grid in 2017. The turbine hub height is 154 meters with a rotor diameter of 130…

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Project Manager Wind Energy at Wanzek Construction Inc.

There are many benefits to electric torque equipment including time, durability, calibration/testing capabilities, simple operation, torque & angle settings, and many more things. I will hit on a few of the advantages below. First and probably the most important would be time savings verses using a Hydraulic pump. To torque the flanges with an E-RAD…

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Lead Project Engineer Wind Energy at Wanzek Construction Inc.

The margin for error is a lot less because the tools can be locked on a specific torque value. On a Hytorc you have to try and get as close to the pressure as you can, it’s not exact. Also there is a data log which lets you know how many bolts were torqued. Also…

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